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Ann and I highly recommend Danny.
Western Maryland is a beautiful place to fish.
Check out the link above.

  Beginning of full day float trip on the North Branch of the Potomac River called Barnum - in front, my wife, Ann, in back, me, Art and standing our great guide, Danny.
Danny is not only a great guide, he is an excellent instructor.  With Danny's instruction, Ann was able to catch this "nice" Rainbow trout. At about 16 inches this was our biggest fish this trip.
   At about 14 inches, this was my biggest fish.  It is a Brown Trout.
   Here's Sang Run Outfitters' guide, Danny, with a bigger trout caught the day after we left, about 22 inches.
   This is Danny's son, Larry, with his even bigger trout!
   End of last day of fishing standing in West Virginia on railroad tracks along the Potomac River.  The river is in Maryland.


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