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Meet Veedor!

Condor98-033-05.JPG (34221 bytes)
Here he comes

Condor98-033-08.JPG (26577 bytes)
Hold out your hand

Condor98-033-18.JPG (19850 bytes)
Veedor & John

Condor98-033-23.JPG (19713 bytes)
Hey that's mine

Condor98-033-25.JPG (32732 bytes)
That's mine

Condor98-033-26.JPG (25449 bytes)
My favorite box

PlantingFields98-033-30.JPG (28769 bytes)
Veedor was here.

These photos were taken on May 30, 1998. Veedor was hatched on May 23rd, 1987 at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, Maryland.   He was transferred to John McNeely on July 11th, 1988 because of his flight experence with raptors.

all photos of Veedor were taken with Nikon F4 and 200mm Micro-Nikon f/4 lens
all photos by Art Searle